Toning Shampoo Hacks to Neutralize Harsh Warmth

Toning Shampoo Hacks to Neutralize Harsh Warmth

Fortunately, we have these tips for utilizing toning shampoo in blue and purple on blonde and brunette clients to get rid of that obstinate warmth.

1. Be certain of the tones you want to remove.

Do you recall color theory? Here is a review. Purple shampoo is frequently used to eliminate unwelcome yellow undertones in platinum and brilliant blonde hair. But as your "rich brunette" client approaches, they suddenly see orange?

Sadly, purple won't be of any use to your brunettes when it comes to erasing their orange and red overtones. Since blue is orange's polar opposite, you'll need a blue-toning shampoo to balance out the searing heat.

Make sure to choose a blue shampoo rather than a purple one because we are all aware of how challenging it can be to cover up orange overtones.



2. You must perform the pretoning step

Recently, extensions have been really popular, and we don't expect this trend to end anytime soon! The sole issue? Your blonde extensions look SO warm right out of the box.

Before glossing or application, washing hair extensions with a toning shampoo is essential because it creates a personalized look with less warmth.


3. Don’t waste product! Here’s how:

More product does NOT equal better (or stronger) results! It is recommended using a half dime to a dime-sized amount of product when working with an extremely pigmented toning shampoo. Because it’s highly pigmented, you don’t need to use a ton of product or let it sit longer than five minutes max which saves you time and money! And who doesn’t love that?