This How you do Coppers Without Lightener

Coppers have been experiencing a HUGE high. Rich red tones are becoming more popular with clients of all complexions, including blondes and brunettes. If you're getting ready for some significant lifts and color adjustments, we have some techniques for you.

1. Prep The Hair by Cleansing It! (The Detox)
If you don't have to, why wrestle with your client's hair? Use your favorite product to detox the hair to neutralize any metals that could cause color to shift before beginning your coloring treatment. Simply allow the product to do its magic as usual, and then you're free to begin painting a blank canvas with color!


2. Deposit color rather than lift it.
Contrary to popular belief, getting brilliant coppers doesn't need bleaching out your client. Remember: Color may deposit and lift, making it a useful tool to employ on clients who are naturally light or who have recently had their hair lightened to prevent unneeded harm.

A client might have roughly a quarter-inch of Level 4 regrowth, for instance. As a result, you have the option to mix copper and copper-red with 30-volume developer to raise her client's level to 7 while maintaining the color's

3. Apply Formula A to the roots, focusing on saturation.

The most important parts of the root application are:

  • Outlining the whole hairline to use as a guide.
  • Going through slice by slice to make sure the hair is fully saturated.
  • Making sure not to overlap the color too much to avoid banding and build-up.

Start in the front of the hairline to make sure the color there is most saturated.
If your client is wanting their hair to be more on the lighter side, place each slice between foils for an incubated lift.

4. Feather Formula B so it doesn’t bleed into the root formula.

Once the roots are done, begin applying Formula B to the midlengths and ends. When painting, Natalie recommends feathering the hair with your fingers right beneath the root application to prevent the formulas from mixing.

Once the hair is fully covered, allow both formulas to process for at least 30 minutes. Feel free to let it sit longer on stubborn hair or apply heat without incubation using a blow dryer.



Source: Behind the Chair