The New Bixie Haircut. Bob+Pixie Fusion
"Somewhere between The Bob and Pixie enters The Bixie, a heavily layered, texturized, and cropped hair cut that falls just below the ears and above the shoulders. This trending look is reminiscent of a short 80s Shag, and when paired with its trending counterpart, the curtain bang gives a sassy French Girl vibe. A stylist must utilize both razor and scissor cutting techniques to achieve maximum movement to achieve this look."
Source: Prorituals Newsletter June 2022


This trendy cut offers the fullness of a short pixie and the versatility of a bob. The cut is customizable, making it suitable for women of all ages.

Here some essential tips on this trend:

  • Make sure that your preferred cut will work well with the hair texture and density. 
  • From the occipital bone down, keep the length pretty tight, but leave the edges soft and undone.
  • Moving up the head and into the sides leave some disconnection, sort of like a wedge, but with deep weight removal to let hair natural texture free.
  • Do the bangs last and allow the natural fall of the hair to determine how far back they start, so they can just shake their hair around out of the shower and they would fall right into place.
  • Keep the length skimming the eyebrows and took out lots of weight to keep it from looking too round, like a bowl cut. The little side bits hitting right around the cheekbone help frame the face bone structure.





How to Style a Bixie Haircut

Styling the bixie will, of course, depend a lot on the client’s texture and thickness, but a cut like this is great for embracing natural movement.

Some Stylists choose to style the bixie haircut by using a flat iron, starting at the nape and creating a loose wave. For the longer sections use 1-inch ceramic iron and tighten the waves a bit. In order to keep the softness, make sure to comb through each wave before it cools. Then finish with one of these Hairsprays for added hold.

Bixie Haircut Examples:


 Hope you enjoy this short Bixie Cut Article!


Source: Modern Salon