Quick Placement Tips For Expensive Blondes In Half The Foiling Time

Achieving a high-lift yet natural-looking blonde is easy with these sectioning tips from a professional stylist. Combining the allure of hand-painted balayage with the high-lift capabilities of foils creates a dimensional look using natural lowlights, resulting in a soft, sunkissed shade known as "Old Money Blonde."

To create a brighter ponytail frame, focus on lifting the hair at the nape to a high-level, bright blonde. This area, referred to as the "ponytail frame," is crucial to avoid creating a dark contrast at the face-frame when the hair is worn down. Back-to-back babylights are recommended to frame the hairline and ponytail piece for an all-over lit from within glow.

For babylights, start at the lowest point of the hairline in the nape, section a super fine weave, and lighten the section while leaving the woven section out of the foil.

To add noticeable dimension when the hair is worn down, use a Triangle Drop Painting Method to create contrasting lowlights. Start by weaving wide sections at the nape, paint lightener at the middle of the section, then turn the brush vertically and paint toward the root, following a triangular drop method.

When folding foils, ensure maximum slip insurance by kicking the ends of the hair out of the foil, folding halfway, then folding a final time on the parting and locking in with a comb. Fold foils at the width of the section to avoid slipping, and give them a slight bend for added slip insurance.