Essential Pre-Color Steps: How to Prime Your Client's Hair for Chemical Services

Ensuring a successful chemical service, such as coloring or blonding, starts well before the client sits in your chair. It involves not just the in-salon consultation but also what you, as a stylist, can guide your client to do beforehand. These preparatory steps are crucial, especially for those with previously colored hair. Here are three essential steps every stylist should recommend to their clients before they step into the salon for a chemical service.

  1. Essential Questions to Ask Before the Appointment: Understanding your client's hair history and their goals is key to achieving the best results. Start with these foundational questions:
  • "What are your goals for this appointment?"
  • "What are your long-term hair aspirations?"
  • "Can you describe your current hair care routine?"
  • "Do you frequently use heat styling tools?"

These questions will help tailor your advice to their specific needs and expectations.

  1. Guiding Your Client on Hair Repair Before Their Appointment: Once you've assessed the condition of your client's hair, the next step is to recommend a routine that strengthens and prepares their hair for the upcoming chemical treatment. For clients with over-processed or heat-damaged hair, focus on repair. Recommend using reparative and strengthening treatments, including:
  • A smoothing, anti-frizz leave-in treatment to hydrate and manage dryness.
  • A bonding oil as a heat protectant that also enhances shine, minimizes breakage, and controls frizz.
  • An intensive bond-building treatment as a primer to strengthen and repair damage.

Advise your client to start this regimen at least three days before their appointment and emphasize the importance of consistent use for best results. Additionally, advise against under-washing and going to bed with wet hair, as these can exacerbate damage and frizz.

  1. Pre-Appointment Hair Routine: On the day of the appointment, clean hair is crucial. Contrary to the common belief that dirty hair is better for coloring, clean hair free of build-up will ensure an even application and optimal results. Recommend a gentle, yet effective cleansing routine to remove any residues without stripping the hair.

The Importance of a Clarifying Shampoo: Incorporating a clarifying shampoo into your client's pre-appointment routine is vital. This type of shampoo is specially formulated to remove the build-up of products, oils, and pollutants, ensuring that the hair is a clean canvas ready for chemical treatments. Using a clarifying shampoo helps prevent unwanted chemical reactions and protects the scalp during the coloring process. Inform your clients to use it a day or two before coming in, avoiding any potential issues and ensuring the best possible outcome for their hair service.

By following these steps, you can ensure your clients' hair is in the healthiest possible condition before undergoing a chemical service, leading to better results and a happier client.