Coverage in Dimensional Color: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Achieving the perfect dimensional color is an art form. As stylists, it's crucial to understand the nuances of coverage to create stunning looks that stand out. Let's delve into three common mistakes to avoid and master the art of dimensional color.

1. Embrace the Diversity in Your Sectioning Technique

The conventional zig-zag parting is a staple in the stylist's toolkit, but have you ever considered the impact of varying its size? A balayage expert sheds light on the power of diverse sectioning.

According to experts, different sizes of zig-zag partings offer a spectrum of coverage and depth. Here's a breakdown:

  • Small Zig-Zag Partings: Ideal for intricate detailing around the hairline to the apex. Maintain brightness where it matters while enhancing coverage in desired areas.

  • Medium Zig-Zag Partings: Say goodbye to the hassle of micro-foiling the crown for a lived-in look. Medium partings initiate depth without leaving conspicuous gaps.

  • Large Zig-Zag Partings: The stage for dimensional ribbons. Angle the largest partings from the bottom of the ear down toward the nape for seamless, blended coverage.

Pro Tip: Zig-zags need not follow a straight line. Curving partings around the hairline, ears, or apex maximizes coverage.

2. Mastering Coverage in Partial Highlights

Partial highlights present a unique challenge – achieving full coverage without overdoing it. Stylists recommend a strategic approach with a deep V-section for extended coverage. This method ensures distribution farther down the head compared to straight lines from ear to ear.

Experts' preferred formula for partial highlights:

  • Lightener: Preferred Bleach High Lift 9
  • Gloss/Toner: Preferred Color Toners (Mix ratio 1:1 or 1:2 for maximum depth)

Pro Tip: For a quick flash tone, toners work wonders in just ten minutes.

3. Elevate Highlights with a Foolproof Foil Trick

The journey from a shiny blonde masterpiece in the foil to a dull outcome post-toning can be disheartening. To preserve brightness, stylists suggest a foolproof foil trick:

  • Double Foil Technique: Place foils back-to-back.

    • First Foil: Weave and tease the section, painting on a slant to avoid any holes.

    • Second Foil: Slice and tease a bit extra, also painting on a slant.

Don't fear the tease – lived-in looks, even vibrant ones, thrive on pockets of depth for seamless blending.

Pro Tip: Preferred Toners are the go-to for flash toning – predictable results in just ten minutes, with a gentle formula.

Embrace the versatility of sectioning, strategize for partial highlights, and employ clever foil tricks to elevate your artistry. Let every strand tell a story of depth, coverage, and timeless beauty.


Source: Behind TheChair